About Us

Our mission is to establish a conglomerate of companies that can collectively operate in an eco-system for sustainable long term value generation.

Thus, the Group will become a benchmark for aggregating and partnering entrepreneurs with a vision of building a legacy balance sheet.

The businesses will leverage one another thereby enhancing value through their inherent similarities. Lebashe believes that technological evolution, disruptive technologies, changes to social norms and consumer behavior will drive further integration as well as introduce new and broaden existing opportunities.

Furthermore, Lebashe is committed to advancing the interests of historically disadvantaged participants, with a particular focus on the development and upliftment of young professionals on a sustainable and continuing basis.


Asset Acquisition

Lebashe’s asset acquisition strategy aligns to its fundamental objective of establishing a conglomerate of companies that can collectively operate in an eco-system.


Organic Growth

Lebashe is constantly challenging its organisational capability and utilising its resources to refresh, rework and redesign its business model for organic growth.



Lebashe will become the benchmark for aggregating and partnering entrepreneurs with a vision of building a legacy.


Sustainable Growth

Lebashe’s aim is to create a balance sheet that outlives its creators and produces generational wealth by investing in prospects that foster sustainable growth.



Lebashe’s portfolio of companies is supported by directors whose experience and skills are complimentary and their collective effort is greater than the sum of the parts. The exposure to and involvement in the operations and offerings of Lebashe’s investee companies has grown the knowledge and skill-set of the team. Lebashe continues to seek further opportunities to actively garner the operational and market expertise with an aim to fulfill its strategy of becoming a leader, both as an investor and operator, in its field.

Mr. Tshepo Mahloele is the presiding Chairman and the founder of the Lebashe Investment holding group. A Rhodes Scholar with over 20 years of experience in private equity, investment banking and project finance, Tshepo has held various executive positions in leading financial institutions such as the Development Bank of Southern Africa, the Commonwealth Development Corporation and the Isibaya Fund Division of the Public Investment Corporation. He also serves as a board member to various Pan African companies, particularly in the field of infrastructure.

Tshepo is also Chairman of Arena Holdings, one of Africa’s largest English-language news publishers, and he is Group Executive Director at Harith General Partners of which he was co-founder together with the Public Investment Corporation. Harith is a specialist infrastructure company investing in infrastructure across the African continent with several signature investments

Mr. Jabu Moleketi holds a postgraduate economic and management qualifications from the University of London and Advanced Management Diploma from Harvard Business School.  He is the former Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of South Africa, and Gauteng Provence MEC of Finance and Economic Affairs.

He is non-executive Chairman of Harith Fund Managers and PPC Limited.  He has extensive international exposure, extensive strategic leadership skills and in-depth corporate governance experience in both the public and private sectors, having served on the boards of several listed companies over the past ten years

Mr Takunda Jinda is a UCT scholar and has over 15 years of experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Media and Advertising. He also serves on the board of Gallo Music Investments Pty Ltd and The Music Arena Pty Ltd.

Takunda accumulated a wealth of experience during his tenure at Coca-Cola, where he was initially responsible for marketing in Zimbabwe. Over time, his responsibilities expanded to include Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.

In addition to shared P&L responsibility across these countries, he spent substantial time working on the Bottler consolidation and the new bottler integration Across SADC into what is now known as Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA).

Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Takunda began his career as an Account Director at Ogilvy & Mather and Standard Bank.


During the first quarter of 2018, we undertook a debt and balance sheet re-organisation. The purpose of the restructure was to achieve the following:

  • Structure the financial services business units under a single structure which allowed for potential synergies and cross selling opportunities to be optimised;
  • Organise the various businesses into a structure that would facilitate either additional investors (staff and/or share financed acquisitions) or the sale or listing of the group;
  • Repay current debt and replace with longer term debt instruments to match the asset and cash flow profile of the group;
  • To create access to accumulated equity, for growth purposes, without having to sell assets or incur expensive short-term debt.

To that end, Lebashe approached the capital markets for funding.

The following institutions were approached: Investec, Standard Bank, PIC, JP Morgan, Sanlam, ABSA and Deutsche Bank.

Having received proposal from most of the approached funders and following a rigorous assessment and ranking process, we accepted funding from ABSA Capital.